By Frank Colgoni -
The project is being documented, and this site sponsored, by Canadian Rodder Inc. (Canadian

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We'd also like to acknowledge design partner Brightwork Auto Art (Matthew Labutte). Matthew is responsible for the Ride in Steel logo and is partnering in the design of this car. And, please visit the Supporters page and then visit the web sites of those that are contributing to this build.

About The Car

Automobile enthusiasts have a very diverse, somewhat inexplicable, cross section of their “likes”. That’s what makes the hobby interesting. Personally, I happen to like 1932 Fords and have since before I had a driver’s license – more or less a lifelong passion. So, it's a pleasure to document this project.

I have also had an opportunity to express that passion through a number of scratch-built 32’s that finished up with quite different characters in terms of their function and theme: one a clean, high tech 'glass 3-window coupe with all the bells and whistles, the other a very low tech 'glass roadster with some contemporary design elements but with basically a key and a headlight switch.

This car will be a straight-ahead interpretation - in a traditional style (of which there are many).

Finally, as you will have noticed by the name of this project / site, this project is based on a steel body. Specifically, a Brookville Roadster 3-Window Coupe body. We thank Brookville Roadster for the use of the phrase “Ride in Steel” which was part of the bigger phrase “Get Real, Ride in Steel” as featured on their 1932 Coupe Poster.